April 2021

Grantee Spotlight: The Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey

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The Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey (the Alliance) is a statewide social service nonprofit organization which provides direct support services, public awareness initiatives, as well as education and prevention programs. The organization’s mission is to improve the quality of life for anyone impacted by brain injury.

The Alliance’s mission aligns with The Provident Bank Foundation’s commitment to encouraging better health, having youth reach their full potential, and making families stronger. The Alliance is the state’s only nonprofit organization solely dedicated to advocating for persons impacted by brain injury. Key programs include the CARES care management program, support coordination services, a bilingual helpline, support groups, Champion Schools – a teen safety driving initiative, a summer camp, as well as a self-advocacy/public policy committee.

With support from The Provident Bank Foundation, the statewide CARES (Connections, Assistance, Resources, Education and Support) program supports individuals and families impacted by brain injury. This program focuses on assessing current needs and developing plans to help participants achieve their greatest potential and increase their quality of life. The CARES program makes a difference in participants’ lives, promoting emotional well-being while concurrently having a positive effect on physical health outcomes.

As a result of the pandemic, all services and educational offerings have been provided using virtual platforms. The Alliance aims to ensure that no individual impacted by brain injury experiences a lapse in support services.

This year, The Alliance also received a significant grant from the New Jersey Department of Health, Family Health Services (via CDC Foundation funding) to provide COVID-19 prevention/education resources and community outreach for anyone who has experienced brain injury, as well as their families and caregivers.

For more information, please visit www.bianj.org.