September 2021

Social Impact Incubator at Saint Peter’s University’s Ignite Institute Named in Recognition of The Provident Bank Foundation

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Based on a longstanding partnership with Provident Bank and The Provident Bank Foundation, Saint Peter’s University has named its Social Impact Incubator in recognition of the Foundation. Named The Provident Bank Foundation Social Impact Incubator, the program sparks the spirit of entrepreneurship through education, business planning, community-partnered events and research.

Over the past 18 years alone, the Bank and Foundation have invested more than $580,000 in Saint Peter’s University, creating opportunity for generations to come. In 2015, Saint Peter’s University received its first $100,000 Signature Grant from the Foundation in support of the Ignite Institute for Business Innovation.

Over the past six years, we have seen successful businesses launched right here in Jersey City thanks to the resources, training, and education provided by the Institute; businesses that have contributed to market growth and sustainable local neighborhood economies

Additionally, many Saint Peter’s University alumni have built their careers at Provident Bank, bringing with them not only a great education, but a commitment to being caring, contributing members of society, in line with the Bank’s brand promise: Commitment you can count onSM.

In 2019, the Ignite Institute increased its focus on nonprofit organizations and businesses for social good. The Foundation then invested another $100,000 Signature Grant, which helped launched the Social Impact Incubator, building upon their solid foundation of business creation and support.

Our institutions have been at the heart of Jersey City since the mid- and late-1800s, and we have a deep and prolific legacy of supporting this community we all call home.

We are thrilled to continue this partnership with the university and watch the many students that have benefited thanks to the annual Shark Tank competitions; business opportunity events and symposiums; and a network of incredible faculty, staff, and business owners.