September 2021

Grantee Spotlight: Literacy NJ, Providing a Bright Future for Students and Their Families

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Literacy New Jersey has been a staple in its community for more than four decades providing free, quality instruction to adult learners in the areas of basic literacy, life skills, English as a second language, high school equivalency preparation, and much more. The nonprofit exists so all adults have the opportunity to read, write, and communicate effectively so they can participate more fully in family, workplace, and community life. Literacy NJ has made it a primary focus to help their adult learners acquire job skills that can help them obtain employment in a field that can provide a better life for them. 

One of their biggest accomplishments this past year was their ability to quickly transition from in-person programs to an entirely virtual experience. This shift meant writing new curriculum and lesson materials, training staff and volunteers on digital platforms, and developing a system for delivering materials in a Covid-safe manner — all of which they did seamlessly.

Though there were times throughout 2020 that presented challenges, such as the increased costs and a digital divide among the students, there were also plenty of benefits to their program shift. Distance learning has eliminated the need for students to travel to attend classes and with virtual platforms they’ve been able to offer more classes at a greater variety of times. 

When the pandemic happened, Literacy NJ knew they’d need to readjust their goals moving forward in order to overcome the challenges it brought on. Moving forward, they are focused on helping adult learners navigate the pandemic and vaccination process, as well as assist their students' children with online learning — a challenge that many of us know all too well these days. 

Even after Literacy NJ returns to in-person instruction, they will maintain some of their online classes to expand the services they offer to students who often juggle jobs, family and other responsibilities — proving once again that their top priority is to set their students up for success in the real world which can then allow them to provide a better life for their families.

The Provident Bank Foundation supports organizations whose mission is to provide the proper resources and tools to help others live a fulfilling life. Literacy NJ provides the skills needed for its students to become self-sufficient members of society. Funding through The Provident Bank Foundation helps support those efforts. 

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